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Hi, my name is Carlos!

I'm the owner of Blue Diamond Frenchie and I love sharing my passion for French Bulldogs! If you have any questions, please complete the form below to contact me. Thank you!

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Blue French Bulldog for Sale!

At Blue Diamond Frenchie, we specialize in well-tempered blue French Bulldog puppies that are amazingly gorgeous and healthy. Click below to see our beautiful blue French Bulldog puppies for sale today.
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Blue French Bulldogs are our passion.

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We specialize in well-tempered blue French Bulldogs that are amazingly gorgeous and healthy. We are a strictly-ethical breeder that prioritizes the health of our blue French Bulldog puppies and mothers above all. Our studs and females have each been tested and cleared from common genetic disorders including CMR1, HUU, JHC, and DM.

After falling in love with our first Blue French Bulldog, Blu, we discovered what makes the breed unique—it’s blue color, wrinkly face with adorable Dumbo ears, and loving temperament. We also learned the importance of high-quality breeding and gained a deep understanding of bloodlines, genetic disorders, and coat DNA.

Our blue French Bulldog puppies are bred in our comforting home environment in Diamond Bar, California, where our small family lives along with our Bengal cat, Egyptian Mau, Border Collie, and Teacup Poodle. In addition to Blu, our Frenchie family includes females Ava, Eve, and Ivy.

Whether you’re interested in a pet or breeding, our blue French Bulldog for sale are healthy, happy Frenchies waiting for you! We are happy to provide advice on the puppy personality that will best fit your lifestyle, and have developed several resources to help you care for your blue French Bulldog. Email us at carlos@bluediamondfrenchie.com or text us at (909) 764-7893.
Our blue French Bulldog for sale are registered with the American Kennel Club and come with registration papers.
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It was such a pleasant experience dealing with Carlos and selecting our beautiful Blue Frenchie. He would send photos, so we could see him grow and change week by week.

Anytime I had questions Carlos would call and help me find great solutions. The Blue Diamond website had so much information it helped us with our older Frenchie as he always had problems with his coat and digestion.

Thank you so much for little Gus.
The Gibbons Family

Helpful Frenchie tips.

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